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Message From Ajay - December 2021

 Dear Family, Friends, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

I received a letter from someone I never met. She learned about me through a friend who know about my case. She had read my story and the facts behind it, believed I was innocent, and expressed her sincere support for my cause. Needless to say, I was very grateful for her letter. 2021 was another difficult year for everyone. It was for me as well. I want to thank those who reached out and wrote me this year. Your letters of love, encouragement and care gifted me the sanity and strength I needed; and your thoughtfulness helped calm my emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. Thank you too to those who have continually prayed for me and kept me in your thoughts. And a special thanks to those who shared my story and acted on my behalf to keep my story alive. I am extremely grateful.


Message From Ajay - December 2020

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

I hope this letter finds you strong in determination, spirit, and health. This is my tenth public letter since my incarceration in June 2009. My last lengthy public letter was in March 2019. My previous letters to the public and the progress and facts into my case are available at this website: www.SeekingJusticeForTheInnocent.com I hope to give you some update since my last public letter.

Mule Creek prison is on “Modified Program” due to the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020. This modified program could continue until all the staff and inmates are vaccinated for COVID, which could go all the way until Spring/Summer of 2021, or even later. The two biggest setbacks for me have been not being able to see my children, family and friends for over 9 months and counting. Another setback is the delay it has caused into my case. Of course, not being able to see my love ones during this ordeal makes it even more challenging doing time. People need relationships and human touch. It is a big part of rehabilitation especially when one is isolated in a place like prison. It’s already the most loneliest and darkest place to be if you’re falsely accused and wrongfully convicted for a crime you never committed. This pandemic has only added to my loneliness from not being able to see my love ones. This virus is affecting people worldwide, and I hope you and your family are all staying safe and taking every precaution to stay healthy from this terrible virus. I share my sadness for those families who have lost their loved ones during this difficult time and pray for their healing.



AFA Receives Award

Have you ever come across a case where people were awarded for supporting a convicted rapist who has been sentenced to 378 years?

Of course not! But last night Advocates for Ajay received an award at the Davis Vanguard Awards Ceremony for their efforts to educate the public about the wrongful conviction of Ajay Dev. Over 1,000 people believe Ajay has been wrongfully convicted for the alleged rape of his adopted daughter. The crime of rape usually has no witnesses, they typically are just he said, she said cases. Ajay’s case is different because she claims that some of these rapes happened while other people were present and those people unanimously agree that this never happened.

Advocates for Ajay have marched many times, demonstrated, petitioned, written hundreds of letters and given interviews on radio, TV and in newspapers on his behalf.

The wrongful conviction of Ajay Dev is a tragedy of catastrophic proportions. A young woman from Nepal chose to make false claims against her adopted father, Ajay Dev, in order to stay in the United States. The accuser’s testimony was full of inconsistencies. Her medical records, her doctor, and her adoption social worker all revealed that there was no evidence of rape or other sexual assaults, even though she claims the alleged rapes happened approximately every other day for a period of 5 years (over 750 rapes).  The trial court allowed the accuser to be the translator of a pretext call in which she inserted an alleged admission used to convict Ajay, even though an accredited translator disagreed. Ajay Dev’s appellate lawyer writes in the brief; "In sum, Ajay’s trial was wrought with grievous errors at every stage of the trial – during the presentation of evidence, during closing argument, and during deliberations. That is, at every turn Ajay’s trial was severely compromised."denying him of his Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights to a fundamentally fair trial.

The awards ceremony took place at the Senior Center in Davis, CA.  David Greenwald, the founder of the Davis Vanguard opened the event and also gave awards to UC Davis School of Law Prison Law Clinic, Robb Davis (Davis City Councilman), Stewart Katz (attorney), The Davis Phoenix Coalition, and Uniting for Racial Justice.  The keynote speaker was Scott Sanders, Orange County Public Defender.  The night ended with a lively discussion by the panel of: Gabriel “Jack” Chin, UC Davis Law, Deborah Davis, University Nevada-Reno, Lisa Rea, Restorative Justice International and Scott Sanders.

Introduction by David Greenwald:

Acceptance Speech of Patty Pursell on behalf of Advocates for Ajay:

Ajay Dev Continues The Fight

In Third District’s Appellate decision regarding Ajay Dev’s case, the opinion was not based on correct facts.  In response, our appellate lawyer, Lauren Eskenazi, wrote a Petition for Review and pointed out the incorrect facts.  The Appellate Court decided not to grant the Petition for Review, but we wanted to share this document with you because it clearly demonstrates the facts of this case that were overlooked.  For more information, please go to the link below.

Click here for Ajay Dev's Petition For Review

The next step in the process for Ajay Dev’s case is to ask the California Supreme Court to review his case.  It is rare that the California Supreme Court will take up a case, but we are hopeful. Ajay’s new lawyer is Cliff Gardner.   Cliff will represent Ajay in the continuation of the direct appeal as well as Habeas claims (claims and facts that were not part of the original case). If you would like to read Cliff’s request to the California Supreme Court, please go to the link below.

Click here for the request for the California Supreme Court to review the case.

We know Ajay Dev is innocent, and that the 378-year sentence is absolutely ludicrous.  We will keep fighting to bring him home.  We know eventually the truth will come out, but until then, we hope to count on your continued support.

The Davis Vanguard wrote an article analyzing the Third Appellate Court’s Decision and how they just “rubber-stamped” the previous decision.  Follow the link below to read this article.


Message From Ajay Dev August 7, 2014

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

As I write to you it has been exactly 5 years ago to the day since I was sentenced to 378 years for a heinous crime I did not commit. I am still imprisoned in spite of my actual innocence and awaiting my appeal. The process of appeal is long and daunting.  Yet, I am thankful always for all of you who remember and believe in my innocence, and your acts of loyalty to truth, justice and overturning a wrongful conviction. I continue to be in need of your support and assistance in order to successfully obtain justice and freedom.


Message From Ajay October 2016

Dear Family, Friends, Well-Wishers and Supporters,

Hello! Sending you and your family my warmers greetings.

As you may know, I was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted and have been imprisoned for the past 7+ years. Some of you have asked me and my family if there is anything you can do for me and for my cause. My biggest court day since my incarceration is on Wednesday, October 19th. I am kindly and earnestly requesting for all of your presence in the courthouse followed with our peaceful march/vigil on that day. People have always come together in times of celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and holidays; and in times of sorrows such as death (funeral) and natural disasters. We come together as one and we should continue to do so.


Ajay's Appeal Brief

Ajay Dev's Appellant’s Opening Brief (AOB) at the California Third District Court of Appeals has been officially filed. We have posted Ajay’s AOB for those interested in knowing more about his case.  We are confident once you read this brief, you will understand why we feel Ajay Dev is innocent and had an unfair trial.  The brief is divided into two parts.  Part one is the statement of facts – this section provides the facts presented in the trial in a chronological order as to relate what happened. It is supported by testimony and evidence from the trial.  The second part contains the legal arguments regarding errors in the trial and argument as to how those errors led Ajay to have an unfair trial.


Appellate Oral Arguments On October 19, 2016

Ajay’s case is being heard at the appellate court on Wednesday, October 19th. Please come and show your support!
There are two ways to help:
1. Attend oral arguments—at 9:30am at the Third appellate court, 914 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA .
A maximum of 100 people will be allowed in the court room. You will need to arrive at 9:00am and
dress appropriately for court.
2. Attend the outside vigil. We will be standing outside the appellate court with signs during lunch
hours so that appellate judges and sta can see how many people believe in Ajay’s innocence and sup-
port him. We will supply the signs. If you have Advocates for Ajay t-shirts feel free to wear them. We
are hoping to have 200-300 people for the vigil. For the vigil we will meet at 11:00 am the East end of
the Downtown Mall - K Street & 7th Street in Downtown Sacramento. Stepping o for the march at
11:20 am with signs and banners (The march is 4 blocks) and reaching the Appellate Court (9th Street
and Capitol Mall) at 11:40 am. The Vigil will be held from 11:40 am unl 1:00 pm. Then we will march
Parking: The Downtown Mall has parking under the mall. Parking is free for 3 hours with a validaon
from the food court when you buy a coee/water or something to eat at one of the restaurants. Other-
wise the cost is $1.25 per half hour. We recommend doing this aer the march/vigil.
Appellate Decision Is Coming Soon

Vigil for Ajay Dev at Sacramento Appellate Court

Sacramento, CA - Friday, April 18th, About 300 people held a vigil in front of the California Third District Appellate Court in support of Ajay Dev where his appeal is being reviewed. Supporters believe Ajay was wrongfully convicted of rape. The alleged victim's medical records, doctor, and adoption social worker all revealed that there was no evidence of rape or other sexual assaults even though she claims the alleged rapes happened approximately every other day for a period of 5 years (over 550 rapes). Ajay was sentenced to 378 years.