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Testimonials on Behalf of Ajay

People filled the court room and spilled out into the hall on the day of Ajay's sentencing. They were there to let the judge and the world know they're convicting an innocent man and to ask the trial judge for mercy or a reversal. Below are some of the letters of support:

"...Are you already predisposed to believe something about [Ajay] that I know with every fiber of my being to be false? I pray not." ...more.

"...We are not persons who are easily manipulated or completely devoid of perception. We are responsible, thinking individuals who uphold the standards of morality and law. As strong individuals with a true sense of right and wrong, we would have fought against Ajay had any one seen anything untoward." ...more.

"I have a BA in Psychology and have worked in Social Services for 21 years. 18 of those, I worked with the chronically mentally ill in an outpatient setting. I am familiar with all levels of psychological dysfunction and was responsible for conducting psycho/social assessments and frequently dealt with persons who had experienced sexual abuse. From what I know about [the accuser's] accusations from all who knew the Dev's intimately and who spent many hours alone with [the accuser], (my husband included) there is no way this chronic abuse could have taken place." ...more.

"I am a molestation victim. I had to go through a terrible process to get the person who hurt me pointed out. Nevertheless, he was cleared and I even had to walk into him one day. I am still suffereing from this experience psychologically and emotionally and would do anything to prevent someone else from experiencing something of this nature. Similarly, I would fight to get anyone guilty of such a horrible crime exposed and behind bars. I would never stand behind a rapist. On the other hand, as a victim of sexual abuse, I condemn any false accusation and see it as a slap in the face of any true victim when an innocent man is found guilty due to unfounded accusations from an inconsistent "witness"." ...more.

"I have been brought to Washington DC several times to speak to individuals all over the country on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education on issues of Health. In all these roles, my job has been the safety, welfare and the health of children. As a teacher I am a mandated reporter of child abuse. I am giving you some background so you can understand that I would never support anyone that I thought was abusing a child or any individual. I am an active voice locally and nationally in the fight for children's rights to a healthy upbringing." ...more.

 “I witnessed the girl wake up, after allegedly being raped, and wedge herself on the couch between her adopted parents and cuddle in the crisp Monterey morning”…more.

"I have had the privilege of working with many different children with many different disibilities, some who have been either physically, emotionally or sexually abused. If I did not believe 100% in Ajay Dev I would not be writing this letter." ...more.

"Without exception, Ajay always conducted himself as a caring father, proud of his daughter's accomplishments and eager to help her schollasticaly. In fact, [the accuser] often visited for tutorial sessions. Not once did I observe any tension between father and daughter." ...more.

"During the trial, I watched critically as an "outsider" and I felt that Ajay did not have his day in court, nor did Ajay's supporters on the stand have adequate time to explain, yet [the accuser] had an abundance of time to nonsensically repeat, "I don't remember, or I don't know...""...more.

"When the verdict of "guilty" was read, we along with Ajay were shocked and devastated. How can justice be so blind to the truth?" ...more.

"I supervised a team of counselors and also provided direct counseling services to our clients. It is with this lens that I interpret what empirical observation I make about people and their interactions with others...I watched how loving and comfortable [the accuser] was with Ajay: calling him Daddy, kissing him on the cheek, and how they looked kindly into each other's eyes. This was not someone who suffered any abuse from him. There was no secrecy or manipulation." ...more.

"I witnessed her testimony when 95% of her answers were "I don't remember" and the remaining 5% were clearly lies." ...more.

"...I, personally, was shocked by the accusations made by [the accuser]. When she, Ajay and Peggy spent the better part of a weekend at my home during a family reunion, [the accuser] beamed with happiness and affection for her adopted parents; especially, Ajay." ...more.

"My appraisal of Mr. Dev's character is also qualified by my professional experience of 15 years in social service to military veterans and psychiatric patients. During my career, I witnessed the most impaired, psychologically damaged and socially degraded individuals known to man. I learnt to skillfully determine those who actually are wholesome individuals, who, against all odds, strive to live meaningful and ethical lives and encourage those around them to do the same-these are qualities that Mr. Dev possesses." ...more.


Ajay's Tragedy

Ajay Dev was born in Kathmandu Nepal. His father and mother were born and grew up in Southern Nepal and Northern India. They were farmers, living in mud houses with thatched roofs and no running water or electricity. His father was a gifted student and through his academic abilities was given scholarships to attend college.


Large Crowd Marks Second Anniversary of Ajay Dev's Conviction and 378 Year Sentence

"It has been two years now since Ajay Dev was convicted of raping his adopted daughter over 750 times over a five-year period and sentenced to 378 years in prison.  Since that time, family and friends have worked tirelessly to prove his innocence.

Usually, when activists will hold a protest, the first turnout is relatively large but the numbers decrease steadily over subsequent protests.  That has not been the case here.  If anything, two years after the verdict, we see more outpouring of support, and by all accounts this may have been their largest protest ever with between 250 and 300 people in attendance."

To read the full article on the Davis Vanguard click here.


Exclusion of Non-English Speaking Countries’ Certified Documents

The Yolo County Superior Court trial judge denied Ajay’s defense attorney to present evidence to the jury of his accuser’s conviction in Nepal, Nepal trial court documents which were certified by the Government of Nepal. The judge denied the admission of these documents on the basis that the attestations were incorrect as the words “true translation” were used instead of “correct copy”.


Two Years Later Hundreds March For Ajay Dev

On Wednesday, July 13, 2011 around 300 people rallied and marched through the streets of Woodland California chanting justice for Ajay Dev. It started at Freeman Park


The Unbelievable Accusations

A.    At the age of 21 the accuser, Ajay's adult adopted daughter, claimed that she was raped 3 times a week for the previous five years – a total of 750 rapes.


Family, Friends Rally In Support Of Convicted Rapist

Mike Dello Stritto reports from CBS News - Dozens rallied in Woodland in support of a man who they say was wrongfully convicted of rape. Watch the news report.

Sunday Commentary: Our Jury System, Innocence and Ajay Dev

Below is a quote from a commentary regarding the jury system in the Davis Vanguard.

"...We like to believe that juries are sacrosanct and that the process works, but we still end up with innocent people put behind bars for years based on all sorts of flaws - some, such as in the case just mentioned, intentional, others unintentional.

So, when I hear things like the juror decided he was guilty based on his response to some pretext question - which does not even take into account potential cultural reactions to discussion of sex - it concerns me."  

Click here to read the full commentary.

Daily Democrat Double Standard in Covering Press Releases Continues

"Coverage of Ajay Dev March Differs Markedly From Verbatim Stories For DA's Press Releases

Those who were around probably remember the sob story from Daily Democrat Jim Smith, who suddenly found himself and his paper under fire when they decided to run verbatim a press release that, at best, distorted a court case and, at worst, outright deceived the public."

To read the full article in the Davis Vanguard, an investigative reporters blog, click here.