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Please Help Free Ajay Dev, An Innocent Man

We have put together this petition to ask that an investigation be conducted into the case of Ajay Dev, a dark skinned man, who was convicted of rape even though there was NO physical evidence, no witnesses, no corroborated testimony; and the alleged victim's testimony was inconsistent and outrageous. Click here to sign the petition.


If you need to show the people in authority the amount of support you have for your cause, is setup to do just that. They will teach you how to setup a petition, including tips on how to make your petition a success. They have been empowering people through social networking to make real changes in individuals lives. Many innocent people have received help from petitions started on



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    Whether you are looking to help someone who needs financial support to fight their legal battles or if you are looking for a way to raise funds for your own legal battle, you will find it here. 

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