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The 712th Mile for the California 12

Thursday, June 20 - Very few people in this world would ever consider walking 20 miles. How about 712 excruciating miles? That is exactly what three attorneys (Justin, Mike and Alissa) with the San Diego Innocence Project did. They walked all the way from San Diego to Sacramento - up the coast, along railroad tracks, over mountains, through fields and valleys and occasionally jumping over barriers in what was dubbed The Innocence March. Each attorney carried around their neck the electronic clemency petitions and supporting documents for 4 clients; totaling 12 innocent people who were wrongfully convicted and are still in prison. Walking the last mile with at least 100 supporters, they reached the capital about noon; shortly before a scheduled meeting with Governor Brown in which they presented their clemency requests for the California 12.

Who are the California 12? What compelled Justin, Mike and Alissa, attorneys with the San Diego Innocence Project, to give up two months of their lives and walk 712 miles? To read the stories of the innocent people fighting for their freedom please click the names below. Their stories are truly tragic and the facts in support of their innocence compelling.

William Richards, Alan Gimenez, Michael Hanline, Suzanne Johnson, Kimberly Long, Dolores Macias, Rodney Patrick McNeal, Guy Miles, Quintin Morris, Kiera Newsome, Joann Parks, Ed Contreras.

Help the CA 12 win their freedom sign a petition requesting that Governor Brown grant them clemency.

To view photos of the 712 mile march click here.

Visit their Facebook page.

Slideshow: Innocence March for California 12

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