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Press Release for July 13 Rally

Hundreds of people would NEVER support a convicted rapist! Hundreds of people ARE supporting Ajay Dev because they know he is INNOCENT of these crimes. In fact, 721 people have already signed a petition asking for the case against Ajay Dev to be investigated—claiming his innocence! See the petition for Ajay Dev on

People are so convinced that Ajay Dev is innocent that they are willing to do more than sign a petition… people are assembling to make these claims to the public on Wednesday, July 13, 2011, at Freeman Park in Woodland, CA at 6:00 p.m. At the assembly you will get:

  • First hand accounts from witnesses who will explain how they know without a doubt that Ajay Dev is innocent.
  • Actual testimony will be read from the court transcripts and evidence will be discussed that will show that the accuser was lying.

Grants Based on the Number of Arrests and Convictions Corrupts the Search for Truth

Yolo County DA’s Office Receives Millions of Dollars in Grant Funding. The DA has misrepresented Figures & Stats to Keep Funding or Receive New Grants. Many people have been victimized by the Yolo County DA’s “Cash for Convictions” policies.

  • Speakers will address: Which “Cash for Conviction” policies and procedures have led to injustices in Yolo County. The research done on “Cash for Convictions” – The Justice Reform Coalition.
  • The story of Jeffery Lockwood and other victims of Cash for Convictions.

We ask you to come on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 to witness, report and acknowledge the public outcry, the tragedy and the demand that the injustice be corrected